Pictured above...Commissioner and School PTSA President (MS/HS) collaborate

DeKalb County Government

The Collaborative Working Group was created in 2011 to strengthen neighborhoods in DeKalb County. The Collaborative Working Group includes representatives from several DeKalb County departments and agencies who meet regularly to discuss how they can more effectively work together to identify opportunities to improve the quality of life in DeKalb neighborhoods. One project that they have supported is the DeKalb Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative (DSNI). The Collaborative Working Group has provided support to this Quality-of-Life planning process, including the selection of the two participating clusters.

Emory University Center for Community Partnerships

Emory’s Center for Community Partnerships (CFCP) has provided technical guidance and logistical support to DeKalb County in this initiative. In particular, Emory’s Community Building and Social Change fellows worked with the McNair Clusters to assist in the Quality-of-Life planning process and preparation of the McNair Quality-of-Life Plan.

Habitat for Humanity of DeKalb County

As the initiative moves towards implementation, Habitat for Humanity’s role as a fiscal agent will become more active and hands on. The convening agency will be required to manage incoming funds from the government, foundations, or other sources, and to allocate and distribute those funds to cluster projects. This next phase requires a certain day-to-day knowledge of projects and possibly managerial oversight. Whether Habitat grows into this role or another partner provides this type of NGO support, the convening agency must continue to provide a fair, transparent, trustworthy system for funding the initiative in the future.