Thanks to ALL who supported, came out and/or spread the word about NH Scott Park Community Day 2019.  We had a fun-filled day with more than three hundred people present.

  • Grand Marshal – Antoinette Tuff was honored to be in the community parade where she became the HERO. During the community day, she had the chance to reunite with a lot of the children that she saved from the school shooting. We lined up in the Walmart parking lot that the children were transported to from the school.
  • Band – Johnboy and Surround Sound was our parade band and music entertainer. Most people have known the band from the “Wobble” song.
  • Superintendent Stephen Green – DeKalb County superintendent was our first community day parade Grand Marshal, and he has continued his support for our community.
  • Michael Douglas – Former Harlem Globetrotter entertained our community day with lots of fun throughout the park.
  • DeKalb County Finest – DeKalb County Police and DeKalb County Fire Department showed up and made it safe for everyone at the community day. They brought the SWAT and fire truck along with safety information.
  • Emory University – Emory Fellows came out and helped gather information from our community and donated $20 gift cards to many community attendees.
  • Rae Rae –Our community exercise leader helped everyone warm up for the parade and exercise during community day.
  • DJ Stacey Vann –DJ with Vann Pro DJ Production who lives in the community provided the music for community day.

ALSO... Special thanks to Hollywood Feed Pet Store (Decatur Store Manager Henry Fox), Walgreens (Manger – Brandon Revis), Dance2Red, Big Bear Grocery Store, Linder and Columbia Residential, Angela Hayes, Bruce (DeKalb County Sanitation), Joe Coleman, Walmart (Gresham), McNair Middle School, DeKalb County Parks and Rec, Det. Ricketts, Jen Care, NH Scott Park staff, McNair DSNI, Pro Scholar Students, INC, elected officials, vendors, instructors, volunteers, and all the attendees and supporters. 

AGAIN... Thanks to YOU and the community for a safe enjoyable community day.

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