As the McNair Cluster Steering Committee met multiple times over the summer of 2012, a strong consensus emerged regarding the top four focus areas for developing strategies and their order of importance:

1.  Housing

2.  Education and Human Development

3.  Health, Safety, Parks, and Recreation

4.  Business and Economic Development

The steering committee and other stakeholders involved in the community planning process recognized the importance of viewing these focus areas and associated strategies in a cross-sectoral manner and noting how they interrelate with one another. When moving from strategy to implementation, it is essential for McNair Cluster planning retreat to recognize the possibilities that can result from collaborations among government, community institutions, private businesses and individual residents.

Within and across these focus areas, it is important to identify early action strategies that can have real impacts in short order and separate them from those that will require more time and resources. Our plan is to get off to a fast start and creating visible tangible change in the community in the near future are essential to maintain the momentum of the ongoing community and capacity building process; also, to increase the buy-in and interest in social and economic revitalization of the McNair Cluster.